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Performance Care

Whether you are a new mom carrying around a 10 lb baby to training for a triathlon, we need our bodies to be adaptable and functioning its best. When we lose that adaptability through previous injuries, repetitive strains, muscle imbalances, joint health, nervous system changes and sleep it leaves us vulnerable to injury and pain. 


Adaptability plays a crucial role in both pain management and performance enhancement. In the context of pain, the ability to adapt allows individuals to cope with and manage discomfort more effectively. Pain is a complex experience that can be influenced by various physical, emotional, and environmental factors. Being adaptable enables individuals to adjust their mindset, behaviors, and strategies in response to pain, fostering resilience and improving overall well-being. In terms of performance, adaptability allows athletes and individuals to navigate the ever-changing demands of their respective disciplines. Whether it's adjusting to new training techniques, adapting to different opponents, or modifying strategies in the face of adversity, adaptability promotes versatility and the ability to optimize performance outcomes. By embracing adaptability, individuals can navigate pain and performance challenges with greater flexibility and ultimately achieve their goals more effectively.

At Adapt Acupuncture and Performance we use a neurofunctional assessment to identify areas of vulnerability and restore proper function through neurofunctional acupuncture. The result is not only reducing pain but also preventing future injury. 

Sports performance rehab
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