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The Fusion of Tradition and Innovation: Classic Acupuncture

Acupuncture is an ancient practice with roots in Traditional Chinese Medicine, but at Adapt Acupuncture, it takes on a modern twist. Melding neurofunctional approaches with traditional techniques, our clinic specializes in treating a broad range of issues from acute and chronic pain to migraines, stress, and sleep disorders. Meet Mike Moons R.Ac, RN, a healthcare veteran and acupuncturist who brings a unique blend of professional experience to his practice.

Acupuncture Clinic Ontario

Meet Mike Moons: A Blend of Experience and Passion

Starting his healthcare journey as an emergency room nurse, Mike experienced firsthand the transformational power of acupuncture after suffering from a neck injury. The relief he found led him down a new path of healthcare, combining his nursing background with a deep dive into acupuncture.

Mike is not just an acupuncturist; he's also a Registered Nurse and a professor of Orthopedics and Sports Acupuncture at Humber College. His credentials are bolstered by post-graduate courses in various specialized fields, such as neurokinetic therapy and Electro Acupuncture protocols. As a competitive athlete himself, Mike has a vested interest in treating pain, chronic conditions, and sports injuries.

The Treatment Philosophy: Adaptability

Mike believes in listening to the patient's entire story to assess and address the underlying factors contributing to the issue at hand. This approach is what he refers to as 'Adaptability'—the capacity to absorb daily stressors and perform activities without being prone to injury or decreased performance.

What to Expect from Classic Acupuncture

Is It Painful?

The acupuncture needles are as fine as hair, making the process virtually painless for most. The desired effect often manifests as a dull sensation or a muscle twitch, especially during motor point release.

Preparing for the Treatment

Patients are advised to wear clothes suitable for treating the targeted area. For example, if you're coming in for knee issues, it’s better to opt for shorts rather than tight jeans.

Session Expectations

While some people may experience immediate relief, others may require time, especially when dealing with chronic or complex health issues. Sports acupuncture typically shows improvements like increased range of motion and decreased symptoms after each session.

Special Techniques and Postgraduate Training

The clinic employs advanced techniques like cupping, guasha, and dry needling, a medical style of acupuncture that releases active trigger points. Mike has received advanced training in these areas, ensuring a comprehensive and effective treatment plan for every patient.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Sessions Do I Need?

The number of sessions varies by individual. Minor injuries often see dramatic improvement within 4-6 sessions, while more chronic conditions may require up to 20 sessions.

What Can Acupuncture Treat?

Due to its ability to tap into the nervous system, acupuncture can treat a wide array of issues, from sleep disorders and stress to acute/chronic pain and sports injuries.

Adapt Acupuncture Is Here for You!

At Adapt Acupuncture & Performance, we believe that healing is a journey best navigated with an adaptable, individualized approach. Under the expert guidance of Mike Moons, patients can expect a treatment plan that respects tradition while embracing innovation. Book your appointment today to experience the powerful blend of neurofunctional and Traditional acupuncture for yourself.

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