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Meet Our Acupuncturist

Etobicoke Acupuncturist

Mike Moons R.Ac, RN

I started my career in health care as an emergency room RN for 12 years. After a neck injury I was looking at an invasive surgery after no other therapies gave me lasting relief. As a last ditch effort I tried acupuncture. After leaving that first treatment I had my first bit of relief in months and knew I had to learn more about this medicine.

My treatment principles are pretty simple. Listen to a patients entire story, work with you on assessing, identifying and addressing the factors that have contributed to the current issue, and get you back to performing in life and sport. This is what I refer to as adaptability.


Adaptability is the level in which we can absorb stressors, move confidently in daily life and perform our sport/activities without vulnerability to injury, decreased performance or unwanted symptoms. Whether its treating sleep, neck pain, back pain or migraines this is always the primary focus.


My passion for treating pain, chronic pain,  sports injuries comes from my background as a competitive athlete in hockey, baseball and beach volleyball.

I am a Registered Nurse, Registered Acupuncturist and use both traditional chinese medicine along with a neurofunctional approach in my practice. Cupping, guasha and an exercise approach are used to enhance treatments and maximize results.Post graduate education includes neurokinetic therapy, Advanced Trigger point/ Dry needling certification, Neurofunctional Acupuncture and several Electro Acupuncture courses on TMJ, migraines, nerve entrapments all the way to treatment protocols of NFL players. I am also a professor of Orthopedics and Sports Acupuncture at Humber College. 

Our Vision

Improve the ability for your body to adapt, be more resilient and perform. The true cause of dysfunction.

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