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Pain is a symptom of Dysfunction...
we fix dysfunction

What we do

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A mix of neurofunctional and Traditional approach to acupuncture is used to treat acute/chronic pain, migraines, sleep issues, stress, 

neuropathies and complex pain syndromes. 

sports acupuncture services

First we identify areas of  movement and muscular dysfunction during our functional assessment. We then use acupuncture , often with electrostimulation to the muscles and nerves affected. When applied effectively restores mobility, strength, prevents and treats injuries while improving overall performance.  

cupping and guasha

Both are soft tissue techniques that provide positive sensory information to the nervous system. We use these tools to reduce myofoascial restrictions, improve range of motion, relax muscles and  ultimately improve the environment to the area we are treating. 

Neuro functional assessment

Detailed and patient specific assessment looking at how you move, squat, muscle testing and the overall function/strength of the human body. Whether you are an elite athlete or just want to get out of pain this is part of every assessment at ADAPT. 

manual therapy

At our clinic we use active release techniques, soft tissue mobilization along with tuina (chinese medical massage). This may play a small or large part in your treatment but is used alongside acupuncture treatments to maximize results and improve recovery times. 

dry needling

Trigger point acupuncture is the insertion of needles into active trigger points or "knots" located within muscles. These tight bands can cause pain locally or along the referral pattern of that muscle. We use advanced techniques to locate and precisely needle these points creating a release of the muscle and elmination of pain. 

spotive man and woman lifting weights

Our Locations

Etobicoke (South)

866 The Queensway, 

Toronto ON

Clarkson/Lorne Park

Silver Birch and Lakeshore Rd - West,

Clarkson, ON

***Text or call for this location

About Mike

Mike  Sports Acupuncturist

I spent the first 12 years of my career in Emergency medicine and Gastroenterology. After a neck injury, the only relief I could get was with acupuncture. Since then, I have had the fortunate experience to work with some of the best practitioners in the world. With that experience I combine Neurofunctional acupuncture with Traditional Acupuncture to get the best results for my patients. 


 My treatment philosophy is quite simple... assess and identify the root cause of your pain and dysfunction. Since ALL pain arises from dysfunction we look to improve the years of built up adaptations in your body (sleep, muscular tension, dysfunctional patterns, movement patterns) in order to allow your body to properly heal. I use traditional acupuncture, neurofunctional acupuncture, dry needling, Neuro kinetic therapy, tuina and cupping to maximize treatments. 

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